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Northern Virginia Drilling, Inc is an industry leading drilling company in the Mid-Atlantic. We provide our clients with experience and technologyto provide the latest in technological drilling services. Our primary drilling operations consist of Geothermal System Drilling, Water Well Drilling,Pump System Drilling, and Water filtration systems drilling.

Did you know…

Where Should My Well Be Located?

Whenever possible, wells should be located at higher elevations than the surrounding areas, to decrease the potential for contamination

Serving the Mid-Atlantic since 1988

We offer complete commercial and residential water wells, pump and filtration systems. In addition, we service existing wells and pump systems. We have 18 drills in which 5 are dedicated solely to water well drilling. Our company drills over a half of a million feet per year. This quantity of drilling enables us to keep our prices competitively lower than most drilling companies. Our core drilling operations allow us to provide you with advanced drilling processes. We work with homeowners as well as a number of industries including environmental engineers, HVAC contractors for whom we install Geothermal Heat Exchangers in the energy saving, highly efficient water source heat pumps. We drill water wells for home owners or industrial purposes. We provide drilling services for industrial water pumping systems and home or commercial water filtration systems.