Our People

The people that work with us make us very proud. We know that the people we have throughout our company are the best for their position. We go through an extensive process to find the most valuable people in our industry and we feel we have. You will not find a nicer bunch of people. We know we can count on them to know what they are doing, to always have our customers best interest in mind, and to be safe and secure on any jobsite.

Northern Virginia Drilling was established in 1988 by Jack Miller who is the owner and CEO. Mr. Miller currently serves on the Board of Contractors and his son Scott is the president and general manager of Northern Virginia Drilling, Inc. Scott of course grew up around the industry and worked his way up through the company to become our manager.

NVD, Inc. currently employees 50 people and we are proud of each and every man and woman that is part of our team. We are sure you will find them to be the kind of people you want performing your drilling services. You can count on NVD, Inc., because we can count on the people we work with everyday.

Experienced Personnel

Our drill operators are all heavily experienced in drilling procedures. Our people are the heart of our company and we are happy to have them. Their skill and intelligence helps us do the job correctly and on time. Our well drillers are certified each year, which is not required by Virginia but we feel is important to provide quality workmanship to the customer. We rely on our people for the muscle behind our business and they consistently come through for us. Each of our drillers are fully trained and you will find them knowledgeable and easy to work with. We make our money by completing the job quickly, efficiently, and right the first time. We serve over 22 counties in the Northern Virginia Area, 4 counties in West Virginia, 2 counties in Maryland as well as the District of Columbia. We are dedicated to the philosophy of education and re-education so you, the customer, are guaranteed the best innovative design and products. We strive for one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Our pump crews install the latest pump systems including the new constant pressure systems which are especially nice for 2,300+ sq. ft. homes. We also install filtration systems using the industry’s most innovative products.